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By Zaragoza Clouds


1992: I made a movie, “100 Years of Finals”, or the history of the century told by the Oval Ball, a true voyage through the memories of French rugby.   17 years later the world is different and rugby has entered into the 21st century with all its evolution, upheaval and turmoil.  Rugby lovers are in need of some historical perspective.  The sport’s new visibility, the arrival of professionals, the creation of the French National Rugby League, myriad rule changes, modifications of player physiques, a new Players’ Union, the World Cup in France, spiralling club expenses and the flood of sponsorships has led me to believe that I’d better not wait another 100 years to make the sequel to “100 Years of Finals”!

I’ve added 15 finals to this history but the workings and the principles of the movie are the same: tell the story of French Rugby through the conquests of the Brennus Shield.  Most of the players we met have in particular played in these finals, which they either won or lost.  Whatever the outcome they played and we could see how they were never the same, and it’s likewise for fans and viewers.  We can compare the objective images of the finals and their highlights (through some spectacular plays) and those residing in the heads of the players.  These images let us have an insight into our French rugby and its evolution.

Memories, emotions, the passage of time, reflection on all the rebound of history: this movie shows where rugby comes from and fills the Generation Gap by reminding us of the everlasting warmth and values of the game.  It helps pave the way for the future and recounts a dented but triumphant Brennus Shield.  From the Parc des Princes to the Stade de France it’s…

…a voyage through Time!

Jacques Alain Raynaud

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