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By Zaragoza Clouds

Le Bonheur en Suspens (TV)Les yeux dans le noir


Shot in 16mm colour film and released during the 1972 bullfighting season which is portrayed here, Combat and Hope, a militant, unusual and challenging film, takes up the fight of French toreros by giving them a voice and hope to be heard.  In the 60’s, for the first time and mainly in Nimes, a group of passionate and often talented young men gradually began a movement of determined demands under the charismatic leadership of Alain Montcouquiol (“El Nimeno”) and Bernard Domb (“Simon Casas”).

What was at stake is clearly obvious: against the entire reactionary French and Spanish bullfighting establishments of the time they tried to create in France professional and teaching infrastructures for those deemed capable of taking their place in the sun of the bull ring  — infrastructures which were so cruelly lacking for their predecessors.

Often shown in public and private screenings over the years, this film was transposed into VHS cassettes in 1997.  It now takes its place as a historical document and has no doubt done much to affect our collective memory.

This new DVD edition in 2008, over 30 years since the beginning of “Nimeno II”’s crusade, is a way for the old-timers to look back and show the new generations how hard it was for so long for the French to become toreros, in spite of their skills facing the bulls.