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By Zaragoza Clouds


A voyage into the memory of French rugby

Here’s a portrait of French rugby through the conquest of the Brennus Shield, a trophy which traversed the History of the 20th Century.

Here’s “100 Years of Finals”, 100 years of the History of France on the playing fields!

It’s the comprehensive history of rugby in our nation, its evolution and the history of its geographical settlement.

“100 Years of Finals” of enjoying this game, a game whose changes we can follow, with a team spirit and emotion which defy the passing of time!

“100 Years of Finals” is the historical re-enactment of Pierre de Coubertin talking to us about his love for the game, with Doctor Jean Louis Etienne (the Arctic and Antarctic explorer), a player from the town of Castres.  He tells movingly of the father of French polar exploration, Jean Baptiste Charcot, a French rugby champion with the Paris Olympic team.  It’s also about the century which gave us two world wars, the Great Depression, May ’68, etc., which we can see through original archive material.

“100 Years of Finals” is a grand historical pageant with the choicest plays in the game.  It’s the highlights of the Finals of the French Game with the extraordinary conquests of the Brennus Shield: emotion and spectacle!

“100 Years of Finals” has an all-star cast, not only with Baron Pierre de Coubertin and Commander Charcot, but also with the rugby greats Herrero, Laporte, Blanco, et. al.

This movie is a true “Voyage into the Memory of French Rugby”, 1 hour and 55 minutes of never-before-seen images and original testimonials for these 100 years of history, games, enjoyment and emotion.

“100 Years of Finals”: the greatest movie ever made about the history of French rugby.

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