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By Zaragoza Clouds



With this last film, Red into Black, Jacques Alain Raynaud takes another look at History, a glance at the future of bullfighting and completes his trilogy.  After “Move, Sand and Blood” and “Eyes into Black”, enthralled by this culture from the South, he continues to search for a way to translate the nail-biting quest of those who face the toros.  Duration: 1hr 40 minutes.


Here’s a view of bullfighting in France, with its ferias and the passions they bring, and their tragedies, joys and controversies.
“Eyes into Black” is the story of that invisible thread that connects the eyes of the bullfighters to those of the bull.  They play for high stakes, they have the unique fear of creators and the human fear of death or wounds.
“Eyes into Black”, is thousands of fascinated, anxious and disturbed views from the stands to the centre of the ring.
“Eyes into Black” is doubt and fear when one is sleepless before these images and here is a new view into the bullfighting world.
Duration: 1hr 30 minutes.


Winner of the 1981 French TV’s “7 d’Or” (Emmy) award: “For the sensitivity of its images, for the passion expressed by a former bullfighter, for the worried hope of a man for his little brother down in the bullring, for the respect and lucidity of its film-making approach, MOVES, SAND AND BLOOD is above all a sharp reflection about a ritual which is also a sports event that we too often think of as being shallowly cruel.


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